Wireless Headphones TV Listening

Wireless Headphones TV Listening

It shouldn`t be stressful, but you need some idea what would be the best ones to suit you, I am here to help you in your decisions for Wireless Headphones TV Listening.

Here is a sample of 3 top recommendations, based on the price, workmanship and customer feedback.

Wireless Headphones TV ListeningThe Comparison Chart will give you a good idea of making the best decision Why wireless Headphones, what`s so special.

Wireless headphones can be great for immovability, you’re not going to get tangled in wires for one thing or forgetting you have them on your head and jump up to answer the phone pull the plug out or worse pull the appliance of the shelf and knocking that hot cup of coffee into your lap, Nasty!

You can still do work like cooking, or anything in the home, even have a bath while you listen to your favorite tunes.
That`s where wireless headphones come into their own.

What is the rating system

Rating the headphones is best on user experience and good feedback from the public who actually bought them and used them, we all have different tastes and it`s important to know before you go and spend your money on hearsay.

You will find that some people’s reviews who listen to the same headphones will have a difference in preference like too much bass or too much treble, so you would go and make a decision on the best feedback with the highest ratings.

Really Excellent Brands

Researching the headphones there are some really good quality ones, I noticed the most popular brands kept appearing all the time with a high rating and very high reviews.

3 of the quality brands Sennheiser, Bose, Sony, all models with excellent writeups.

The Features

Sennheiser Kleer Technology

Kleer technology is comparable to Bluetooth, but the range is far greater like 60, 260, 320, feet, where Bluetooth are only a maximum of 30 feet, the Sennheiser are a lot better audio quality, plus you don`t have to pare them.

If you have had Bluetooth headphones before you have to pare them up so they will talk to each other which can be a pain! With Kleer its plug and play, which is miles better.

Plus some models allows up to 4 people listening all at the same time, which could be great for a family.

3 Great Headphone Reviews

 Sennheiser Rs120

Sennheiser Rs120`s have been around for quite awhile and for good reason they are good headphones.
They are ready to go out of the box once you insert the batteries.


Decent constructed cans, plastic and metal with a soft type of velour for the ear-pads, very light and comfortable.

These are known as supra-aural wireless Radio Frequency headphones.
With an internal amplifier and three channels on the transmitter which turns on and off automatically, with a tuning on and off switch on the headphones.


You will get around 100 feet 30 meters which are plenty around the home and yard, the sound can get noisier as you move further away from the transmitter a bit different from Bluetooth which can cut out completely it`s pure analog sound.

Video Review



Open back design giving a roomy expansive sound with large speakers given a vibrant charismatic sound that will cover the frequency range.

Mids are good not over the top treble is clean and smooth with bass blending in nicely, whether you are into metal or R&R or Classical the sounds are really good.

These are comfortable on your head for hours, you get about 20 hours on a full battery

When you think about this company way back making these remarkable headphones they know plenty, with years of experience.

They  have replaceable parts with this model  and has its own docking cradle to instantly charge up.

Watch, listen, up to 300 feet over 90 meters away anywhere around your home or yard, RF transmitter which can transmit through walls even in the attic as long it`s within 300 feet no worries.

  • Pros
  • Great valueWireless Headphones TV Listening
  • excellent sounding
  • Good with TV
  • Cons
  • Nothing

Sum up

For such a great listen with TV music anything you throw at them they stand up even from 100 feet away no drop outs just great the asking price for these are miles better than some, much more money, a very excellent buy.

Customer Reviews

 2 Bose-SoundLink-around-ear-wireless-headphones


Bose Sound -link are a Bluetooth Headphone and are a popular model of their range, they are not noise canceling, but are quite good at keeping noise level low.


Around-ear type with good cushioning padding and nice soft ear- cups very comfortable and fold up when not in use, extremely light to wear 195g which is good if you are using them for hours on end, no head strain.

They are quite attractive to look at well made with choice materials, and an option of two colors, Black and white.


The sound is very exact and composed with bass pronounced but not too obtrusive, could do with a touch more spice, sounds like an exotic dish lol. Voices come across warmly with highs and lows powering through.


You have buttons for volume and calls on the right ear piece with a switch for pairing and turn the speakers on, you will hear when they are being paired to another device, also you have the ability to connect to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously.

And also with these, you can connect them to a tablet and iPhone/Smartphone simultaneously, when watching a movie and when you get a call it will switch over to that call, then return when it`s finished.

Clear instructions when worn, good info what to do next and even a few languages so you are not in the dark, which is a nice feature to have.

Video Review



These do give a rich clear and smooth delivery maybe not quite as good as the wired equivalent but all the same, decent, I think if you want thumping bass and thunderous volume then these won`t be for you.

With Bluetooth and Bose there is an active EQ with volume optimized EQ, it`s supposed to sound better with low volumes and reduced bass they do sound more outlined with the volume low. And less distortion with the active EQ, but it does vary a bit with different tunes.


About 15 hours on full charge plus a quick charge mode that will give you around two hours of battery for 15 minutes of charging up. With a prompt saying what`s left, and help with the pairing.Wireless Headphones TV Listening

  • Pros  
  • Comfortable
  • Simple to use
  • Sound 7 out of 10
  • Cons
  • Not perfect

Customer Reviews

3 SennheiserRS175


These 175`s are designed for the home mainly black plastic with metal, and really thick padding, with controls on the right ear -piece, you don`t have to keep jumping up to adjust the controls, once on the head, everything is at your fingertips ready for the action. even if you have to move around.


A piece of cake to get set up, plug the base platform unit into your device with the supplied cables 3.5 stereo plug and Toslink input.


You get surround sound modes with bass boost and when you hit that play button you will be delighted with the results, the mids and highs blended in tremendously, it was so clear like I was inside the TV. even listening to groups in concerts was great.

Video Review

Listening Range

A good 300 plus feet, 100 meters, I found that this technology gives immaculate clear transmission within the parameter they are paired and ready for the test drive.

With triple-A batteries one within each twist off ear piece, once on the RF Transmitter they are charging, once charged there are about 18 hours, also with the 175`s you get digital and analog.

Another thing with these you can have his and hers because the transmitter will send its signal to two pairs at the same time, great if you want to watch the latest movie without disturbing the household.

A little tip when watching stuff even thou there are 2 surround modes using the low level deepens the soundstage quite a lot so watching films, sports, or Blu-ray was a lot more easy on my ears.

  • Pros
  • Very comfortable
  • Long Range                                   Wireless Headphones TV Listening
  • Easy to set up
  • Cons
  • a bit expensive
  • quite bulky
  • Home use only

Sum up

They sound virtually as good as the wired equivalent, the buttons are a piece of cake to use, they are great for TV and music. The bass middle and treble blend in beautifully.

The RS 175 are an exceptional pair of headphones, great for TV and music, with a bass boost and a surround sound mode, it will take your listening to the next level, with crystal clear transmission as you go around the house, with the controls incorporated into the headphones.

Customer Reviews

Things to think about 


A lot of transmitters have numerous headphones tuned in at the same time, that means you can have more than one person listening to the same broadcast as you, which is great because you can have the whole family tuned in at the same time.

A lot of multi- transmission devices will let 4 people listen at once.

Infrared transmitter, Bluetooth radio frequency

What type of transmitter is best for you, well it depends where you are going to use them, if it`s just for the TV then maybe a Bluetooth one would be sufficient,

But if you want to listen to music and watch TV in another room say or on the patio then you will need a much stronger signal, so using the wireless headphones with a larger range up to 350 feet from the Transmitter would be plenty for most people.Wireless Headphones TV Listening

Charging in the docking station

The good thing about Radio Frequency (RF) wireless headphones is you get a charging docking station with it, so it charges your headphones, so when you have finished for the night you just pop your headphones on its docking stand and they will be ready for you next time.

Battery Life

The Ideal would be a longer battery life so you can listen for much longer without a recharge.
But what comes with that would usually be more expensive headphones, but is it a necessity to have the top of the range lasting battery when you have 20 hours of audio in one go.

These headphones have rechargeable batteries when you place the headphone on to their docking station they start charging up, and with at least 20 hours of charge that would be adequate.

Wireless Headphones TV Listening

Operating Range

When you want to buy wireless headphones you have to think where you want to use them.If you are going to use them around different parts of the house and outside in the yard, they are not all equal they have different operating ranges, like different transmitters and prices.

If you are going to use them around different parts of the house and outside in the yard, they are not all equal they have different operating ranges, like different transmitters and prices.

If they are only going to use them in front of the TV then infrared would do the job which would be the cheaper option.

Wireless headphones can also be used in cars by backseat passengers watching a DVD.

Sound Quality

Top quality infrared wireless headphones can make sounds that match the quality of that produced by wired headphones. Some of these headphones sound more like speakers.Customer reviews would be a good bet if you are not in a position to try them out.

Wireless Headphones TV Listening
Are they Compatible With Your TV

All modern TV`S will be compatible with wireless headphones, if for some reason you have an old TV just make sure there is an output usually on the back with a red and white circular socket, most of the headphones will have the adapter to connect to the TV`S output.

Advantages of buying Wireless Headphones.

.1 Hearing the spoken word miles clearer when your program goes to quite passages and it could be late at night and you want to turn up the TV, but you don`t want to disturb the family, or if you are in the bedroom disturb your partner

.2 Living in an apartment close to your neighbors.

.3 Fantastic for Seniors who love TV who have difficulty with their hearing aid and outside noises while watching their favorite programs.

.4 To have total freedom and be able to walk around and do stuff on the go.

For Prices, Discounts, Reviews

Looking for Wireless headphones for TV

Latest headphones under $100 





Bose sound link









Sennheiser_review      4.3


Sony MDR 10 RBT






Phillips_over_ear Phillips Fidelio M2BT




Wireless Headphones TV ListeningWireless Headphones TV Listening










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  1. Hey there! To be honest this is very informative article. I’ve been searching for a great wireless headphones that I will gonna use as my daily device. And I found your article thag compares 3 headphones. I really enjoyed the contents of it and I really appreciate the explainations. I liked that there’s videos and written reviews about the headphone and also pros and cons about it. Thank you for sharing. I’m gonna buy one of this headphones soon.

    • Hi John,

      Thanks for comments, yes Hifi is one of my passions and I get a lot of pleasure from writing about Stereo and especially headphones,


  2. I own Sennheiser Rs120 and love it!
    I purchased it not to disturb my husband sleep as he goes to bed fairly early for his weird working schedule.
    This wireless headphone works wonderfully. While I’m using it, I could go to the kitchen, bathroom and do something else and still could hear what is going on on the TV! I’ve used it over a year and no issue whatsoever. I hight recommend it to anyone!


    • Hello Yuko,

      Yes, the Rs 120`s are a brilliant model they have been around a long time and are standing the test of time.

      RF {Radio Frequency} transmitter which can transmit through walls with a 300-foot distance, Sennheiser`s 50-year track record speaks volumes.

      And the great thing there is many models to choose from



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