What is the best Wireless Speakers

What is the best Wireless Speakers

What is the best Wireless Speakers today, we have a lot more technology than ever, especially when it comes to placing music, with PC`s, Mac`s, laptops, iPhones, smart phones, androids, tablets etc.

To be able to stream our music to wireless speakers is getting more popular as more brands are appearing and With such a great choice on the market.

A lot of people are listening to their TV and music with the wired equivalent, There are wireless speakers for the home and portable for music or TV or both, from small on the go to larger for the home or office, from a budget to more expensive, have you thought about changing to wireless speakers.

Kef MUO                                                                                         What is the best Wireless Speakers                                                  

First up the Kef Muo, back a step when the company started, Kef have been around for quite a few years, founded in 1961 in Britain, so here is 55 years of history of Kef Loudspeakers enjoy.



Back to the Muo, this Bluetooth 4.0 with aptx wireless speaker looks quite attractive with a tough feel to it, with its aluminium and triangular design you can have it flat or vertically stood up with stable rubber surfaces to keep it stable, and have 2 in stereo with a choice of 5 colors.

Designed by Ross Lovegrove and made by Kef. It houses very clever designed drivers, top performing (DAC) digital to analogue converter and with its components enclosed in a strong casing. Weight 0.8kg (1.8lbs)With a new version of the Uni- Q point driver array and bass radiator, you will hear a beautifully accurate sound to fill the room.

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 Set up

Setting up the Muo is quite simple, press the power button you will hear a 4 tone signal and a blue light, fully charged up ready for action, paired up to your iPhone/android is a breeze with a tone signal, just hold your device next to the Muo and tap ready for your music.


The rechargeable battery will have around 12 hours of air time and automatically turns off when not in use.

What is the best Wireless Speakers

For a Bluetooth speaker with no sub, it don`t half knock out some fine deep penetrating sounds, the quality of the rich mids and high tones, listening to jazz tracks or even some classical it does sound really good.


The Muo wireless speaker is a very serious contender indeed, this is for music lovers who want great sounding music with mega volume and quality listening overall music, with its good looks and workmanship, though this speaker isn`t cheap by any means, it`s right up there with the very best in portable wireless speakers.

Plus adding that Kef is giving Bose, Sony, even Sonos a run for their money.

Kef Muo awards

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Ultimate Ears (UE)

Build and Design

Logitech UE Megaboom can take anywhere Wireless Bluetooth speaker, waterproof to standard (IPX7) which translates can be immersed up to (1 Met) or 3 feet of water for at least 30 minutes.

This speaker has a coating of a rubber type finish in 4 colors, on the top are the pairing and power buttons.
with (NFC) Near field communication with compatible iPhones, at the other end is auxiliary input and charging micro USB socket enclosed.

When using stand upright as it was designed to do, press both buttons to tell you what battery is left. Once charged you will get at least 20 hours of play time at about 50%.

Features                                                                                                                                What is the best Wireless Speakers

You can download the UE app for the iOS then it will open the speakers other features like the alarm clock, plus the double up function, which means to have 2 Megabooms in unison, to have stereo.

Plus the app will give access to the sound settings, the standard will be your best bet because the others mess around with the sound too much and don`t enhance it one bit. With the Bass setting just tap Custom mode to turn it down a wee bit.


With all the music blaring out you are going to get a 20-hour battery capacity, which is good as long as it`s not on full power then it may be less hours, but still really good.

Charging up is straight forward with the mini USB cable.

With this and plenty of other Bluetooth speakers, you get the speakerphone.


You will get sound all around you in all directions with this cylindrical design whether on the go or inside, with plenty of volume to boot, this Megaboom throws the bass at you by the truckload.                                                                                       What is the best Wireless Speakers

Whether it`s hard rock or a wee bit of classical it has good timing in the midrange and highs, it certainly has plenty of sparkle with a good balance.


This Megaboom Bluetooth wireless speaker with its waterproofing to 3 feet (1 Met) portable take where ever you want speaker is quite brilliant with a massive full sound all the way up from huge bass to intricate trebles and plenty in-between.

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Ultimate Ears Roll review

More are more people than ever now are storing music on Tablets, laptops, iPhones, and having a wireless speaker is getting popular so is streaming music.

And with so many options it`s hard to know which is the best to buy,

Do you want a single wireless speaker just for one room, or a portable that so you play music on the go? maybe a multi-room set up system.

There has been 2 five star reviews for the Boom and Megaboom portable speakers.

Now the Ultimate ears roll wireless speaker is very impressive


It couldn`t be more different with its disc design shape, that can sit on your hand.

On the front, you have a fabric like material with a lot of jazzy colors to choose from and enlarge volume controls sewed into it, with the back a robust rubberised finish with a bungee cord attached. which you could hang anywhere.

With buttons on the back for power and a pairing, there is micro USB charging port plus a 3.5mm input, but it`s the wireless what gives this speaker the edge with a Bluetooth range of 65ft more than 50ft Boom.

I find it incredibly sturdy for a little speaker shockproof and waterproof up to 1m for 30 minutes submerged.


There is plenty of drive in two 19mm tweeters and one 5cm woofer, it has a fat sound hard to believe it`s coming from it.

This little speaker is ideal for the outdoors it`s rugged and can be dropped from about 3 feet, the vocals and mids sound clear cut with treble nice and clean.

The bass is not going to be thunderous but it`s fine it does the job with no distortion.


This speaker for its size and what it can do is perfect for the outdoors with its portability, sound, and sturdiness it doesn’t cost the earth to buy.


Libratone Zipp

This Scandinavian company is quite new, founded in 2009 in Copenhagen Denmark, with the sole desire to set free sound. They say their concept is Scandinavian Design, Wireless technical knowledge, high- fidelity all in one sound enclosure.

They have aimed to strive for idiosyncratic designs and quality similar to its equivalent hi-fi company B&O.

Build and Design                                                                                                    What is the best Wireless Speakers

This Libratone Zipp is different from an older version which only supported Bluetooth This one will connect up to 6 speakers to give a full room system with Soundspace. with its interchangeable wool covers in seven colours and leather holding strap and cylindrical shape you could be thinking is the flask or the speaker lol.

With ribbon tweeters to give it a smooth sound in the upper regions and with a 4-inch bass woofer getting natural vocals and defined bass bringing all together nicely, also (DSP) digital signal processing and 60-watt amp for optimization and imaging in the room.

With built-in Wi-Fi turn this speaker into an extension of worldwide internet radio and store five of your favorite internet stations via their app and get unbelievable sound.


With the Libratone`s app it`s pretty straight forward when pairing up your equipment with the speaker and the set up to your network. Use 2 speakers if you want full stereo or more.

Now this Zip speaker can connect up your music in many different ways using Libratone`s app, stream from your NAS drive Via DLNA, which is good for windows and android devices.

Streaming Apple`s airplay direct wirelessly to the Zip. Play Direct also, stream without having to have another network. Great when there is not a Wi-Fi network in the vicinity.

And with all this the loop has a USB Audio interface so you can charge your device and with an aux input to connect up to analog devices.

It has a touch screen dial and hush feature, just put your hand on it for silence if the phone rings.

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This speaker has a built in battery but only gives around 4 hours with wireless connection plus 8 hours on wired.
But saying that if you take it out and about for 4 hours via wireless isn`t that bad, you can always plug it into a device and charge it up.

Sound                                                                                                                                     What is the best Wireless Speakers

The company as fine tuned this speaker for optimum performance, it isn`t the loudest portable speaker within the price range but with its 360-degree reflector it certainly broadens the sound waves around.

It has a nice full sounding charm about it on certain classical hits with all the push on more upbeat tracks.


This Speaker as got a lot going for it with its pizzazz and I am sure it will be very successful as the years go on to add to the Libratones reputation of really great speakers.

Great for outdoors or indoors.
Very smooth sounding
well made

4 hours wireless battery time

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