The Sonos Wireless System Built To Last

The Sonos Wireless System Built to Last

 The Sonos Wireless System built to last

Listen to music anywhere in your house with the Sonos wireless system built to last. But what actually is a wireless system, what does it do.

In the old days gone by you’d either need to move your sound system from one place to another or have loads of wires and cables all over the floor, under doors and up the stairs, moving around the home. enter the wireless revolution.

Multi-Room Audio

You can now stream audio from different setups to speakers with a wireless connection and no great loss of sound quality.
There are plenty ways to do this, many products and technologies, there is one company who has led the wireless speaker phenomenon, Sonos.

What Is Sonos, How does it WorkThe Sonos Wireless System built to last

Sonos is an American company and was founded in 2002 with a simple plan, to revolutionize your home sound system for the modern age.

It`s products and software are designed to fill every room of your house. It’s the crème de la crème, the functionality, and flexibility of its products.

This wireless sound system is designed to connect a single appliance to your network to play music, from either online or local sources, you can add more devices a maximum of 32, that all connect using a secure wireless mesh network known by Sonosnet.

The launch of the amplified Zone Player CR100 and ZP100 controller in 2004. it hasn’t looked back since then, Sonus continue to originate with new technology products to expand and enhance the listening experience at home.

There are 2 main types of players in this system the all in one Zone player such as the Play-1 or Play-3, and connect branded products that turn current audio gear into a Sonos Zone. A subwoofer and a Sonos-enabled sound bar have arrived for use with a TV.

The cheapest speaker yet the Sonos Play 1. It proves they know a lot about streaming.

This company has led the multi-room streaming market for years. It persistently tosses out well-designed products that are so simple to use and sound bloody great, it’s embraced all of the major streaming services
Great Sound quality


This wireless sound system is unbelievable and extremely reliable and highly flexible. With the latest Sonos components you don’t require a boost or a bridge, they link via your home Wi-Fi system.

To get the best results, link one component to an Ethernet connection will let you take advantage of the Mesh system. adding components the stronger the wireless mesh becomes. also, it runs independently from your Wi-Fi setup, the strength of the signal is unaffected by Wi-Fi dropouts.


Controlling the system is simple. both Apple iOS and Android are catered for Stream music stored from your device, from your local network or streaming services such as Napster and last.FM, Spotify, With the vast selection of music sources available, you won`t have to buy music ever again.

The Sonos Wireless System built to last


They have a reputation of excellent quality sound and the new Play – 1 is certainly no different, using a tweeter with 3.5″ woofer and their own amplifier, the sound and the build quality are brilliant. The two-way, design gives an effective, vibrant sound with great detail and control.

It’s perfect as a music zone in a little room or 2 as a quality hi-fi speaker pair. give more bass with their SUB, use them as satellite speakers with their 5.1 home cinema system, their app guides you through the set-up process.


With a sturdy build quality, the Play,1 is ideal for use in rooms that have wide temperature changes such as kitchens, bathrooms. solid build will still look good in the years ahead, with Black and White finishes.

Basically mini-computers

A few reasons Sonos speakers are so good. they are mini-computers that stream music directly from a lot of different online services no need for a computer, iPhone, or Network Attached Storage box To be on. Google Music iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Cloud Player, Napster, Soundcloud, Deezer, and plenty others.

The actual way the wireless works these speakers do not use Wi-Fi to speak to each other, they create a characteristic network for the music and are a lot less susceptible to interference and dropouts.

Easy To Set Up                                           

It is easy to set up, download the device software to your PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, or Android Mobile, follow the instructions.once you have linked your controller to the speaker, you add the music devices, computer files, and your iPhone.

Verdict 5 Star

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  1. Hi Lou,
    I’m looking to buy ( from where I don’t know) the 2x sonos1 speakers, sub and sound bar. I have heard it working in a friends house and was very impressed.
    The prices between Britain and Thailand is over £1000 would it be worth paying import tax to get them sent from Britain.. I have a room 10m long by 5m wide which I will be using for a home cinema and lounge. Your ideas please.

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