The Marantz Amplifier PM6005

 The Marantz Amplifier PM6005


The Marantz Amplifier PM6005 is really good sounding for the money Why? costing a budget price of $470, sturdy metal chassis sounds better than its Award-winning predecessor but comes with digital connections as well.

This machine is much more than an improved replacement to the multi-award winning PM6004, much better Because you can connect it directly to the integrated amp with a massive range of digital sources and use the DAC to create a high level of audio enjoyment.


The Marantz Amplifier PM6005

60 Years Of Marantz

They have come back better than ever with the new PM6005. It’s an articulate listen, detailed and very rhythmic, with the new built-in [DAC] Digital to analogue converter.

What Hi-Fi magazine says it`s a 5 star the PM6005 integrated stereo amplifier delivers more dynamic and meticulous with the addition of the coaxial and optical inputs.

The PM6005 was built on the technology of the PM6004, 2 x 45 watts of amplification, 5 line RCA inputs including optical Toslink input Phono input,2 independently switchable speaker outputs a digital coaxial input, and top grade components give for a detailed performance

A digital-to-analogue converter shows that the Marantz has appreciated how people’s behavior as changed the way they listen to their music! downloaded tracks ripped CD albums, stored on laptops, computers, digitally on hard drives, and not forgetting smart devices.

The digital art of the amp is housed in an extra metal casing, to keep it separate and shielded from the analogue part.

Good strong chassis, solid metal front panel and gold plated terminals, toroidal power transformer low impedance and audio components able to handle bigger currents with more control suggesting the PM6005 delivers full and detailed soundstage that will sound great to any genre of music.

The Digital analogue converter will support high-resolution audio of up to 24-bit/192kHz sampling rates, which means those with better CD quality of music can play their files with digital input, Shame they didn`t include a USB for connections to laptops,

The Marantz Amplifier PM6005

You can use the optical input, but you need an adapter to connect the optical cable to a computer’s 3.5mm headphone port.

The Sound

Whichever source you use, you can be sure that this Marantz PM6005 is going to play your music with total exuberance and pulsating zoom it can muster.

At its heart is the easy going and smooth personality, but the levels around are more detailed, agile, and precise. It’s a more articulate sound that I have heard from a cheaper Marantz amp.

It has a wide and spacious sound field with superb stereo imaging.

Bass is deep and tight, string plucks are solid, the sound is sparklingly clear and effortlessly musical. even though revealing sound, the Marantz can play anything you want to throw at it.

This PM6005 is a high class-leading amp, exceptional, delivering a quality performance for all your audio.

This amp is a 5-star quality sound, excellent for the price.

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