Sony Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Sony Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

These Sony Wireless Bluetooth Headphones MDR10RBT are a very well designed headphone, why would you buy Sony wireless Bluetooth headphones, plenty of reasons,

Sony Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

watch the video below.

Very light to wear 180g, wearing them for hours on end will not be a hindrance, decent build you can move tracks with the raised switch and power button and volume.


The sound is quite natural and not overbearing bass, blends in well, how it`s supposed to sound, and blocks outside noise surprisingly well.
With around 17 hours of playback at normal listening levels, just plug in the USB

These have a very good sound compared to others at this price, sometimes they can sound a bit intense but on the whole plenty of vigor.

When you try these you will be taken inside a different place, the sound is all around you and a natural experience not just from their speakers, the difference in quality is for all to hear.


Even though the majority of the design is made with plastic they still feel very well made.
You can be rest assured these Sony’s are very comfortable with its ergonomic design,

You get a microphone for making calls,  with these Bluetooth headphones,

Video Review


The distance you can use these is a good 10 meters of 30 feet, through walls, in the yard.

NFC {Near Field Communication} for speedy connection and pairing Bluetooth quicker.

You get good support with aptX which is like CD quality, and A2DP {Advanced Audio Distribution Profile} when you stream between two devices over Bluetooth Connection, say an iPhone to wireless headphones.

The Sony`s size are in-between the smaller ones and the larger ones.


Charging through the USB  is about 2.5 hours and should last around 17 hours of listening,

For a Bluetooth headphone, they certainly do the job with aplomb.

Sony Wireless Bluetooth Headphones


Very light

well made


Decent sound


Not a lot

To Sum up

These have plenty going for them whether you use wireless or wired, sound just as good

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Sony MDR-1ABT  

Top Of the range these Sony`s MDR-1ABT they are a lot more expensive than the 10RBT

Sony Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

but you are getting more for you money, but then again you’d want to.


The quality of these 1ABT`S is in the design they are very smart to look at, you are getting soft leather all over the ear pads and headband that are a great fit, very comfortable and stylish.

Their sound is smooth, the mids blend in nicely with the highs and lows whatever you’re listening to whether streaming music or TV.

When your phone rings just press the control 2 times, also with the music slide your finger across, crystal clear calls with the built-in microphone.


These have a long battery life with wireless playback about 30 hours

Video Review


The amplification S- Master the sound is distinctive and unique for amazing bass with the digital sound enhancement their LDAC codec gives Hi-Resolution 24 bit 96 kHz aptx stream CD quality 44kHz  which is built into the headphone to go the extra mile.

I would say that with all these extra features and CD sound quality it`s one reason people would get these.

There is a cloth pouch to keep them nice and clean which is a bit different from the hard case you get with some which could take up valuable space in your luggage.

Watch the Video for more info on these Sony`s.

You are going to get a much better presentation and deepness with the sounds with LDAC than with SBC Bluetooth coding which operates with no down-conversion of Hi-resolution audio content. where with Sony`s LDAC which you get 3 times more data see the Graph……..

Sony Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

With Sony`s LDAC it gets the sound at the time of transmission with 3 times as much data than other technology with a frequency 99KhZ/24bit.


Maybe a bit expensive for some.

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