Sonos Play1 Reviews True Sound Quality

Sonos Play1 Reviews True Sound Quality

I have written about the Sonus Play1 Reviews true sound quality before, with their software tweaks they have improved their sound quality and true play technology and more streaming services that`s why Sonos stay ahead of the streaming game.

See Google Chromecast Audio at the end of this?

Set Up                                                          Sonos Play1 Reviews

With the extensive list of Pandora, Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, Google play music, Amazon music and TuneIn Radio for access to thousands of internet stations around the world, its integrated into the Sonos Controller app.

TuneIn has over 100,000 radio stations with four million on-demand programs and podcasts from around the world. They have a global audience of 60 million people.

In truth the play: 1 was designed to be part of the Sonos system which is why it don`t have any connections for hard- wiring to external sources.

Being a wireless speaker where you place it is basically up to you, just connect to your Wi-Fi network with or without Ethernet cable.

Also, you can have bridge boost when wirelessly connected in bad areas to get a better signal.

Multi-room control

You can control all your music and rooms with your iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac, Android device from Sonos Controller Free apps.
Also if you have multiple Sonos speakers you will be able to control what`s playing in any room from anywhere in the house.

Gives you the ability to play a different song in all the rooms at the same time. Or listen to the same song in all rooms with a Sonos speaker without any echoes or delays.
You can tune into the internet in your living room and stream a music service in the bedroom, and play a song from your own collection in the kitchen simultaneously.

Free Music Playback

This Sonos system is getting better and better with new features since it came on the scene years ago, they will notify you when you have registered, with software updates when available.
You can have access to the world music with thousands of tracks and radio stations without downloading ripping or from your computer. Sonos connects to these services over the net then streams to your rooms instantly.


Sound Quality

With this new improved Play1, it has good midrange and decent and punchy bass with nice crisp treble whether you are playing light jazz or heavy rock with full volume without distortion.
It`s all down to Sonos`s build quality and detail with a new 3.5 midrange driver and tweeter, it fills your room with sound where ever you place it even out of site behind a chair the music explodes.                                                                               aplay_1

Great build, solid
Amazing expressive Sound
Easy set up

No physical connections

To Sum up

The Sonos Play1`s sound is just as solid and exceptional with a massive drive for a small speaker and a great start into multi-room set ups.

The Sonos wireless System

Check out Reviews and Prices

Google Chromecast Audio

I want to tell about Google`s Chromecast audio it`s an inexpensive wireless music adapter streaming device, it plugs into your existing gear to access music over Wi-Fi, like a powered speaker, sound bar, AV receiver and what it does is to enable to play music around your house wirelessly.

It connects to your wi-fi network then streams directly from the internet and is controlled by iPhones, tablets and computers. So you can listen to your favorite music like Google play music, Spotify, and YouTube videos.

With the performance better than Bluetooth, sounding great with budget setups and with an optical output for High-end hi-fi.


It looks like a tiny vinyl record with grooves, 2 hard-wire connections: wall plug and a Micro USB port you get a hybrid 3.5mm digital/optical output and a small 3.5mm length yellow analog cable

Setting up                                                                                                                a_chromecast_audio

You use the Chromecast app to talk to the Chromecast Audio, then log into your home Wi-fi then give it a name like baby record or anything you like.

With the Chromecast app, it`s more than a set-up portal it can list all the apps you have that are cast-compatible, and with the option to download more.

Once you have it set up instead of you using your iPhone with a tiny speaker have it coming from your Sonos Play1 speaker or what speakers you have, and you will get an idea how good this little marvel is.


There is an option for high dynamic range, it will be switched off by default but I put it on for better sound it also depends on what you use it for which service you have and what set up you have but you should get a decent sound if it was physically plugged in.

There is quite a noticeable sound difference in Chromecast Audio’s Wi-Fi than you get with Bluetooth, and also you don`t get interruptions to your music like texts messages and clicking noises as you do with using Bluetooth.

Well Made
Easy to use
Online Streaming to offline devices

Some Music Services aren’t Supported yet

To Sum up

This is one clever little bit of kit it`s cheap well made and does exactly what it`s designed to do stream music, So get your old wired stereo from under the stairs and breath new life into it.

So all the people who have kept their old stereos get this and start streaming all your wi-fi apps.

Check out Googles Full list of Apps

Using Chrome browser, download the Google Chromecast extension, it will allow you to stream audio from most web sources

Get Chromecast for TV Watch your favorite shows from your Android straight to your TV wirelessly





12 Replies to “Sonos Play1 Reviews True Sound Quality”

    • Hi Norman,

      Thanks for your input, yes I am very Passionate about Hi-Fi, all the years I have been interested in it. When I hear great sounds I have to write about it.



  1. Hi Lou,

    Great info on Sonos Play 1. I really like my Beats Pill XL but they stopped selling them. I was recently looking at Sonos in Best Buy. I really liked how you can choose different speakers for different rooms and connect them all together. Sound quality is also pretty amazing for such small speakers. I might try it out soon.

    • Hi Vasiliy,

      Thanks for your comment, people who are into great sound are really taken aback by these terrific speakers, the sound coming out from such a small cabinet, you can pump it up to full volume without any distortion or vibration.



  2. I was interested in the Sonos years ago, as all the features were pretty darn good. Probably the best out there for a portable system. Sonos has always gotten great reviews for it’s sound and portability, but they had one feature which I did not like. They had a limit on how many songs you could have, being I am a music geek I have over a thousand Cd’s, hundred of thousands of mp3 and flac files, along with hundreds of records. I would be over the limit with my music collection, do you know if they have increased the number of music files you are able to have now?
    I have a stereo system that rocks, but I can’t hear it in every room and would like a portable system. I think Sonos is great. Might get it someday, especially if they update the limit.

  3. Great review about Sonos Play1!
    This sounds like an awesome system and exactly what I have been searching for!
    I clicked on the price to and it seem pretty reasonable, so glad I found this page, thanks 🙂

  4. A decade ago, I had a 5.1 surround sound music system on PC that I mainly used for gaming. The output was awesome but I hated the clutter and mess the wires created. Ever since I first used wireless speakers I have come to appreciate it’s utility and practicality.

    This Sonos Play1 review tells me that Sonos Play1 is exactly what I would want in my home entertainment system. I am just curious how is the performance if I have multiple devices in different rooms separated by walls?

    • Hi Josh,

      And thanks for your comment. The multi-room feature is a key component of the Sonos set-up and is built for top performance where you can place different and multiple devices in separate rooms around the house.


  5. Thanks for a good review. I like it that it is cheap and does what it advertises. It has a lot of positive reviews. It is not often that we can depend on manufacturers to keep their word about the products they advertised.
    Good Read

    • Hi Luna,

      Thank you for your comment, the Play1 speaker is brilliant and the Google Chromcast audio was an extra I wanted to talk about it has fantastic reviews too.


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