Sennheiser Wireless Headphones For TV

Sennheiser Wireless Headphones For TV

Sennheiser Wireless Headphones For TVSennheiser RS120`s

Sennheiser Wireless Headphones For TV. Kleer technology is comparable to Bluetooth, but the range is far greater like 60, 260, 320, feet.

Bluetooth is only a maximum of 30 feet, the Sennheiser has excellent audio quality, plus you don`t have to pare it.

If you have had Bluetooth headphones before you have to pare them up so they will talk to each other which sometimes can be hit and miss!

With Kleer its plug and play, which is brilliant for Sennheiser Wireless headphones.

Sennheiser Exceptional quality Products

Sennheisers impeccable name they  been established over 50 years they do know a thing or two about headphones, the quality of their workmanship.

These RS120`s have been around for awhile, they are a very good popular on-ear headphone with easy controls, a bit too close together thou, you can move a considerable distance from the transmitter with clear sound, Sennheiser Wireless Headphones For TV

Watch, listen, up to 300 feet away anywhere around your home or yard, RF {Radio Frequency} transmitter which can transmit through walls even in the attic as long it`s within 300 feet no worries.


Plus some models allows for up to 4 people listening all at the same time, which could be great for a family.

Operating Range

The Operating Range is up to 300 Feet, over 90 meters, these are very light and comfortable to wear for hours, with the immovability, they have replaceable parts with this model, and has its own docking cradle which you to just place on top and instantly charge up.

 Battery Life

These battery powered headphones will get around 20 hours for a full charge on their charging platform, which is their wireless transmission stand.

Video Review

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Sennheiser RS175 Headphones.                                                           Sennheiser Wireless Headphones For TV

These are in the top 10 of headphones, very comfortable to wear, and lighter than they look, they are free from most interference, with a range well over 300 feet.


Black looking, plenty of padding around the over ear -pads, makes for a comfortable fit apart from the center piece which is needed for the placement on the RF charging stand.

On the right ear-cup where the controls are you will see the volume and bass mode with surround settings. along the ear-cup is the power control and LED indicator when in charging mode.

They sound virtually as good as the wired equivalent, the buttons are a piece of cake to use, they are great for TV.


These have 2 Rechargeable AAA batteries which are behind each ear piece what simply twists off, so when they are seated on their stand it will automatically charge them up, so when your are done using them replace on their stand, estimated 18 hours battery time once full.


These RS175`s are good for walking around your house, picking up the music through the walls with little loss of sound, with fresh and clean highs and when you hit bass mode it pumps it out in dollops. Careful!


They sound virtually as good as the wired equivalent, the buttons are a piece of cake to use, they are great for TV and music. The bass middle and treble blend in beautifully


Video Review

Sennheiser Wireless Headphones For TVPerformance

With all fine electronics, you will get the best out of them when you have had them a little while and start to tweak and fiddle with the knobs for different sounds like in certain songs whether it`s acoustic or Rock and roll or classical.

These headphones designed for TV, if you like thunderous heavy bass with your films and music you will be delighted.


Great sounding
Crystal clear whatever you listen too


Not the best looking
Not much else.

Sum up

You will be in a different world with these headphones, there as good as any at this price.
The bass middle and treble blend in beautifully.

The clarity of these 175`s comes shining through.
These headphones designed for the home, for TV and music, if you like thunderous heavy bass with your films and music you will be delighted.

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Sennheiser RS185 Wireless Headphones  

Sennheiser Wireless Headphones For TV                                          

Sennheiser RS185 Around-ear open back type design, this will make it especially good for the music a bit different from other RS models which are closed back.

Radio Frequency {RF} transmitter, charging is simple, just place the headphones on its stand and it starts charging.


These are different than Bluetooth for one thing, you will get a 100 meters 350 feet range from the inline transmitter and you won`t notice distortions even through walls.

With the controls, you get manual and automatic, one for volume fluctuations and one for analog optimization.


These 185`s aren’t the best-looking headphone out there quite large but they certainly know their stuff whether it`s TV or Music, with a few buttons, left and right balance for sound and volume plus a level button for auto and manual.

The look is plastic and velour padding on the ear cups with a snug fit to the head, it might take a bit of time to get used to them but once you have you won`t want to take them off.

The RF stand is where you place them to charge them up with an indicator to tell you how much charge there is left once you take them off with green flashing bulb, and about 20 hours of battery once full.

Review Video


Well, the soundstage is astonishing with good depth and scale, watching Avatar or a big blockbuster will have you smiling from cheek to cheek if you ha


Bass blends in well and lets you have it when the time is right with TV, with song`s it`s not overly done just enough, mid range is quite good, it also depends on what you like listening too.

The RS185 model will give you a hell of a lot of enjoyment with its immaculate highs, whether it`s TV or Music

ProsSennheiser Wireless Headphones For TV

No Distortion
Sound blew me away
All round Model, Very Light


Quite ordinary Looks


Like all Quality gear there are plus`s and minus`s but with these RS185`s the plus`s outnumber the minuses

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