Record Player Turntables

Record Player Turntables

Record Player Turntables. I have had a few turntables over the years, some I have forgotten about, I bought a GEC desktop radiogram with a dual turntable, I bought it second-hand from car boot/ garage sale in Torquay Melbourne Australia I paid $30 I took it to England when I went back to live in 2003, I sold it, doubled my money.

I Don`t have an image of it, unfortunately.

Radiograms that were made in the late 1950’s/early 1960’s used valves, whereas from the mid-sixties onwards were transistorized.                                               Record Player turntables

The stereo part refers to the record player section, stereo radio didn’t start until the late 1960’s, BBC radio 2 didn’t go stereo until 1972.

Another time I was doing a car boot/sale/fair in the nineties, whatever you want to call it. I remember there was a guy next to me selling stereo/hi-fi equipment, he wanted $150 for the lot, so I had a look at what he had and there was a Rotel turntable, can`t remember the model, it worked, but it tendered to slow down a bit.

A pioneer receiver SX-450 really good, A Sony reel to reel, can`t remember the model,  the late sixties early seventy`s and a pair of homemade speakers. he was still there as I was packing up, so I went and made him an offer $60 I wasn’t too fussed, he said he didn`t want to take them home, so I got them.

Record Player turntables

I remember the following year I wanted to upgrade so I took The Pioneer to Brashes store in Melbourne to see if I could part exchanged for an up to date receiver, they said yes and I got a $50 part exchanged, on a Kenwood receiver, which I still have, the Kenwood KR-V5060 really good and powerful.


In the late nineties I bought a pair of second-hand Technics 1200 MK2 turntables, and a new PA system and Citronic twin CD player with a separate switching unit to do a bit of DJ-ING, I still have them, the Technics are enclosed in carpeted boxes.

Record Player Turntables


they were the best then for pro work, I still reckon they would give the modern ones a run for their money.



My other turntable is Project 1. with Ortofon cartridge I bought new in 1995 absolutely great for the price at the time, $135 still got it, can`t believe it`s 20 years ago.

Record Player Turntables


Back to today,

The resurgence of vinyl today is a fact that turntables are now selling on an almost daily basis things have changed a lot from their rapid decent in 1980’s when cd`s came on the scene.

Pro-Ject – 1Xpression Carbon Classic – Turntable – Mahogany

Build and design

Project is well known for its excellent leading budget turntables. It has dominated that market for more than 20 years and continues to do so. So successful the company been in this respect, that you could forget that it makes some beautiful fine products, as well has their latest version of the long-running 1 Xpression among them.

The Carbon in the turntables name is referring to the material what`s used in the supplied arm, the one fitted to the 1 Xpression is a significantly engineered unit with very smooth, play-free bearings and a good solid feel. with an Ortofon 2M Silver cartridge attached to the arm.

Other improvements over earlier versions of the 1 Xpression include an enhanced motor and a brand new power supply. The objective is always to cultivate speed stability and diminish unwanted mechanical energy which is fed into the turntable’s construction.

The platter in the 1X is acrylic, while it’s acceptable to place a record directly on the acrylic, they also supply cork and felt mats.

Each option changes the sonic performance a little, remember to adjust the arm height to compensate for the varying thickness of the mats.

Setting up is quite simple though novices to turntables may find attaching the bias weight a little finicky. The rest of it is clear-cut. add the platter, fit the belt and attach the counter and bias weights to the arm. plug it in, enjoy.

Performance                                                                              Record Player turntables

Tonally, it`s nicely balanced The Ortofon 2M Silver cartridge comes across as a superior and eloquent performer and had no problem working into any of the phono stages.

With its tipped elongated shaped stylus, it provides a stable and distortion-free sound that’s also gentle to your records in terms of its reduced wear rate.
This record decks speciality is on analysis, the Project 1x is an extremely entertaining listen in any genre.


Exceptional high level of resolution

Articulate sound

Excellent cartridge

Lovely presentation


There are better more advanced but more expensive.


I think the 1 Xpression Carbon classic is a terrific turntable for the price. It’s stable and perceptive, rivalling the class-leaders in overall performance. It’s a definite consideration to have.

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    • Hi Paul,

      Me to you can`t beat it for great sound with the right equipment, a couple of my first singles I bought was The Mojo`s Everything’s Alright, and the pretty things don’t bring me down.


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