Phillips Fidelio Bluetooth M2BT Review

Phillips Fidelio Bluetooth M2BT Review

Phillips Fidelio Bluetooth M2BT Review.These Phillips closed back headphones might be small but they have got a hell of a present indoors and outdoors, on- ear type metal framed headband and a
Phillips Fidelio Bluetooth M2BT Review mixture of leather and ribbed fabric with memory foam that will give you a nice comfortable fit.

With NFC {Near field Communication}                                                                     

Phillips Fidelio Bluetooth M2BT Review
The Fidelio M2BT has NFC {Near field Communication} for uncomplicated pairing just tap your headphones next to NFC source.

The Closed back reduces noise from outside and helps from other people listening to your sounds, these are great for public places


These will work with 4.0 APX-T format which can receive up to date transmissions.

Video Review


you will get a good 10 hours using the supplied 1 meter three foot USB cable.

Phillips Fidelio Bluetooth M2BT Review

If you are into bass there is plenty here, With 40mm neodymium drivers gives bass it`s power, being small in size you might be thinking wow these don`t half push it out, the detail is good, very clear high tones and natural mid range using the aptx codec is great which you are getting CD sound quality with Bluetooth,

With the rocker switch and the adjustable buttons on the right side where you can play music, take calls, volume control, skip tracks.

Dual inbuilt Microphones

These come with two inbuilt Microphones one for voice, one which cuts ambient noise level to give a much better call quality.

These can be worn for commuting or the home an all round headphone, for the price you want well made, sturdy, good balance of sound.


Great sound
Plenty of features


They might be a little tight fit for some.
Occasional glitch Bluetooth

To sum up

The Phillips Fidelio M2BT are closed back, have a smooth tone and with clear trebles and strong bass.

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