Monitor Audio Bronze 2 Speakers

Monitor Audio Bronze 2 Speakers


Monitor Audio Bronze 2 Speakers

Monitor Audio Bronze 2 Speakers, Monitor Audio’s 40-year design heritage. Is enriched with elements of Platinum, Gold and Silver, the new Bronze series Monitor Audio’s story is an interesting one with the evolution of world famous speakers, each generation has grown in capability, getting great levels of quality performance and value.

Sound quality

The latest Bronze range comes with new C-CAM gold dome tweeters. Ceramic-coated aluminium magnesium C-CAM was developed by the aerospace industry for use in the manufacturing of components for jet engines, and for numerous years now Monitor Audio has been using them to make their drivers.

They give the balance between smoothness and detail. even at high volume levels the upper frequencies stay clear and uncongested.

Despite being a stand-mount speaker, they drive an incredible force. The new C-CAM woofer is bigger than the one fitted to the Bronze 1`s and it’s a massive difference you can hear particularly with bass music. Pair it up to a good quality amp and you will be delighted with the results.


With finishes, available in a choice of Black Oak, Pearlescent Walnut, Rosmah and a new White Ash.

Invisible driver fixings and floating magnetic grilles add to the impression of streamlined sophistication, the new Bronze the look and feel of a premium range.

They have incredible bass, they’re tonally balanced and impressively detailed too. Add beautiful build and Monitor Audio’s usual high standard of finish.

The best Bronze so far

Previous, multi-award-winning varieties of Monitor Audio Bronze speakers have topped their class. Thanks to new drive units the attention to cabinet and design, the latest Bronze range is the best yet.

The ideal speaker

The Bronze 2, I would say is an all-rounder of the Bronze range and great for use in stereo systems in small to medium sized rooms. However use them with a subwoofer and you`ll have very impressive speakers for home Cinema in larger rooms. the first speakers in this Bronze range to offer bi-wiring, making them the perfect match for AV receivers, and higher end hi-fi systems that offer the option of bi-amping.

A little bit of info on Bi-wiring V Bi-amping                                             Monitor Audio Bronze 2 Speakers

Many speakers today have four terminals on their rear panel allowing you to bi-wire them. it’s a simple enough tweak to stimulate improved performance from them for the cost of an extra set of speaker cables.

If you’re not sure how it’s done, In a single-wired system, one pair of wires carries the musical signal from the amp to individual speakers. A bi-wired system uses 2 pairs of wires for each loudspeaker, one for the high one for the middle and low.

So To recap Bi-wire is one amp channel with two wires coming out of it and going to the high and low-frequency inputs of your speaker. a lot of people say there isn`t much difference, just have good quality speaker cable.

Bi-amping is a different kettle of fish,

Using two separate amplifiers, one for the bass frequencies, one for the treble, it has been around for a long time. In the professional audio industry where it originated, by using various amplifiers to deliver different frequencies is more than just a preference, in a lot of cases a total necessity.

Audiophiles and videophiles look at bi-amping (or tri-amping) as a way to advance performance, multi-amping or Bi-amping, Getting the signal and splitting it into more than two frequencies is not only far more effective it allows a large sound strengthening system to be balanced to meet the needs of the application.

So proper Bi-amping is two amp channels with one driving the high-frequency input and the other driving the low-frequency input.

Stylish design, available in a choice of finishes

The Bronzes are not just rock solid built, they have very low distortion and very low cabinet colouration.


Previous generations of Bronze 2s were all class leaders. and this is no different.


Monitor Audio Bronze 2 Speakers

Monitor Audio Bronze 2 Speakers

Balanced sound
Inspiring and well-developed dynamics
Gratifying bass weight
First class build and finish


Nothing at this price

For the price, you can`t go wrong,

Five-star speaker design. $450

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