MINIRIG Speakers Unbelievable Power

minirig speakersMINIRIG Speakers Unbelievable Power

Brilliantly powerful from a small speaker, These Minirig speakers are great for moveability.

I listen to music at the same time as I write, the speaker I use on my laptop are British built called Minirig Speakers I have had it over 5 years and it`s a brilliant little speaker.

Minirig Speakers  Review

Minirig speakers  have a 15 watt digital amplifier, you plug it into your computers USB to listen and to charge it up.

It`s got 2 volume sockets Loud and soft, it`s unbelievably loud, exceptional quality, very well made, and with it`s own zipped up case it`s a great portable little speaker, take anywhere.

There are great Bluetooth versions in nice colors,

Minirig Portable Speaker + Design & Features
Minirig and their new Bluetooth same cylindrical design speakers are totally delightful with its solid build quality.

The main construction cylinder is in a range of colors, its aluminium and tough plastic on the bottom and a quality aluminium grille for the speaker at the top. It’s solidly built to precision and based on my original Minirig for over a few short years playing it constantly the new Bluetooth series is very exciting.

A key feature of the design is that it only uses a single speaker, which is the way they wanted it, they wanted to fit in a 3-inch driver into a hole that’s only 4 inches across by 3.75 inches deep.

At the bottom of the speaker sits all electronics, which houses the battery, the unit will last between 50 hours at low volume and a good 10 hours at high volume, with 30 hours’ life in normal use.
MiniRig Speakers

There are 2 jack sockets. high and low impedance low input would be ideal for use with laptops or headphone amplifiers while the top offers a more demanding sound if you are having a bit of a do, the center is the charging socket to USB.

The thought behind the minirig is, it will use the volume control from your apparatus to control the output volume from the minirig speaker,

Fitting two connections can be used to connect two Minirigs together to form a stereo pair, use a splitter cable. Also, hook up the subwoofer to boost the low-end frequencies. This is a much larger than the Minirigs, but smaller than other subwoofers and it will boost the sound.

Backwards Compatible

The Minirig speakers are backwards compatible so you can buy the new Bluetooth speaker and use it with your existing one`s for stereo listening.

2015-08-22_1157Bluetooth Minirigs  Performance

The first thing that hits you is the intensity of the power. The small 3in driver and top quality amp let the speakers deliver the bass tones better than you’d ever expect from a little speaker and at a higher volume.

when you add the sub-woofer you are aware of those really deep low tones you were missing out on, no portable speaker the size of this even comes close with the power and it delivers more thumping bass.

Minirig Speakers

Dimensions 101.6mm width 73mm highBattery Life

At least 40 hours of use you will get out of one charge with moderate listening levels – the sort of volume you’d have for listening to music while you are writing a review like me here.

Or just blast it out with your favorite sounds, you will get over 20 hours at reasonably loud listening.

What’s very impressive is the battery life, it lasts for a long time when not in use. Some equipment can leak battery power when not in use, you can confidently pick it up after months and it’ll still have hours worth of listening left.


The new Minirig is the take anywhere portable Bluetooth speaker. It’s solid, compact, tough, simple to use, sounds great, wireless. and it says you can even charge your iPhone from it.


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MiniRig Spekers

You can string two speakers together to make a stereo pair plus add a sub-woofer for even more bounce.

You could even party with a set up like that, take them anywhere, and in an emergency, say you were going to a function and their sound system packed up you could come to the rescue with your famous Minirigs.

Verdict 4Star

The Bluetooth Mini rig Portable Speaker is only one small single speaker,  but it blows away the opposition when it comes to precision and excellent sound quality.

As soon as you hear these little minirigs speakers you think how does such a loud sound come out of such a little cylindrical box.

 Minirig Speakers

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