kindle Paperwhite best price

kindle Paperwhite best price

Kindle PaperWhite best priceI bought my Kindle Paperwhite over a year ago and it`s been a fantastic buy I take it everywhere.I read on the go,

What I do is put interesting reads from the internet and email to my kindle paperwhite.

If you are a big reader I reckon these are excellent, for one thing, if you want to buy ebooks they are very cheap compared to paperbacks plus a lot lighter to carry.

What I like about this Paperwhite is the wording can be changed to very large letters.

Crystal clear reading display.

With double the pixels as the last generation with a 300 PPI display which gives it very clear quality text.It has the best resolution display.

No glare even in Sunlight.

This Paperwhite you can read anywhere, different to Tablets and iPhone`s it`s like reading a normal book.

Use it easy with one hand.

Doing the cooking and reading at the same time, it`s easy to hold very light and sturdy.

Charging up

I find with the wireless turned off and light setting to 10 you will be able to read for over a week.

Your eyes don`t get tired in the dark

With the paperwhite, the light is driven to the surface with the built-in front light where backlit tablets would shine in your eyes.

So you can read for hours and not have the eye strain and be able to adjust the brightness in all conditions.

Less distraction                                                                                                              Kindle PaperWhite best price

You are not distracted with the ebook unlike Phones and tablets with emails, text messages, and social media.

Plus you don`t have to have a bedside table lamp on like you do with a paperback.

Kindle ebook readers are quite unique really with using e-link screens which are designed to imitate printed text in a paperback.

Saying that, they don`t need a lot of battery power to display their text. So the battery will last a lot longer than a tablet which can run for days if not weeks.

Great for on the go
Light small enough to fit in your pocket
Good price.

Not much

And finally

This Kindle Paperwhite has been a great buy and it is definitely been worth the price I take it everywhere

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