Headphones Sennheiser Klipsch

Headphones Sennheiser Klipsch

DSC_0087Headphones Sennheiser Klipsch. I have bought a few pairs of headphones over the years, my first pair of decent ones they were at the time, Koss Pro/4X Plus, which I still have, they have some gaffa tape around the ear pieces. still work ok, can`t remember the exact day when I bought them new, late seventies, early eighties. Price various.

2 pairs of Sennheisers, PX100 they were not to expensive but really great sounding with good bass, fold up into small p box. really good a 5-star rating. Price about. $44

And the very good, Sennheiser PXC 300, mini headphones in stereo with switchable NoiseGard
Advance active noise reduction technology. just flick the switch the red light comes on and it changes,it sort of dampens outside noise. It has Active noise reduction circuitry, which reduces the lower frequency like plane noise, train rumble, air condition in office buildings, etc.

They are really good for air travel and outside noise

Headphones Sennheiser KlipschFolding type mechanism and nice protective soft case for traveling and packing.

Lightweight design with comfortable headband, and soft top quality ear pads for nice wearing comfort.

It can make a massive difference. in all environments at medium volume, the outside world is literally locked out. Really excellent sound quality, deep bass. Fantastic.

You notice a difference because it mutes outside noise when you take them off, the noise is so loud in comparison.

I bought them, no actually they were a birthday present in 2006 I think.


You may find better, but for the price they are terrific. with heaps of 5-star reviews.

Price around $169.95

Logitech Wireless H600                                                             Logitech Wireless H600

I bought these for just one purpose to do Skype calls so I can hear better and with their adjustable mike. I have used them for music no problem.

They come with a nano receiver which lets you connect to your computer from up to 30 feet away.

Before Nano wireless receivers, USB receivers were much larger as big as a USB flash drive, you placed them in the side of a laptop’s USB port, the Nano ones are tiny and are made to be left inside the laptops USB.

plug the Nano into the USB port after charging your headset then connect for wire-free adventure.
Receive communication without distortion thanks to a noise-cancelling microphone for clear calls with.

It minimizes distortion for clear calls and music with laser-tuned drivers getting a good sound for your music.

operating the audio is simple, press the right earpiece when adjusting the volume and muting the microphone from the headset.

Being portable you can take your wireless headset wherever you go with its foldable design.

The Verdict

The Logitech H600 Wireless Headset are not the greatest but for the price pretty nice experience.

The Price $56

In 1946, the maker and founder of Klipsch audio, legend Paul W. Klipsch had a life’s mission to bring live music into listeners living rooms. Decades later, we’re putting the sound on your head. Klipsch Image ONE headphones seal in the sound with noise isolation that will give you the superb music experience penetrating, rich highs and deep bass.

Klipsch Image ONE – Gen -2 On-Ear Headphones Headphones Sennheiser Klipsch

Image 1 headphones are very light and comfortable the ear pad makes contact with the entire ear, unlike a lot that just have a ring of padding around. These will block out a lot of outside noise, even more than the noise cancelling more expensive headphones.

They have an excellent sound, it`s well balanced, the bass is very deep not too overwhelming, mid range highs join with the lows to produce charisma, the sound isn’t lifeless like other headphones for the price, Image 1 headphones will compete very well with some that are much more expensive.

These headphones are nice design well built. there is a bit plastic, and metal inside as well, the flat cord is good also the built-in iPhone control.

Noise isolation, they do a fine job tackling outside noise, even when there’s nothing playing.

includes a nice design hard case.

You get a 2-year warranty that Klipsch provides.

Professional grade foam ear cups do a decent job to isolate noise while speakers open up a large frequency range, letting you soak in every detail of sound. with the headphones’ three-button remote and microphone, the mic is crystal clear, good for chatting. With a tangle resistant single cable.

Great for headphone fanatics, they maintain the same top quality sound signature and comfort, functionality, design, and performance, cabling attached to the left ear- cup, for added durability and tangle resistance, a flat-folding design for traveling, flat ear- pads and an adjustable leather headband provides enhanced noise isolation.


Excellent on ear Headphones, very comfortable, rich bass, silky trebles and Midrange.

Price $70

Klipsch Wireless Headphones

Sony Wireless Headphones                                                                                                    Headphones Sennheiser Klipsch

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  1. Hi Lou,
    This is a Really great post. I usually go for running in the evenings and was wearing my iPhone earbuds for runnings. They were not easily falling off. But I feared of sweat. I went for Sennheiser 686G Earbuds. They are now a perfect companion while running. They comfortably fit into my big ears.

    Thanks for the post

    • Hi Louise,

      Thank for your comment, that`s something I have never done run/jogged with earbuds/headphones, each to their own, I checked your site too, good for earbuds.



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