Get The Best Sound From Your PC or Mac

This is my first blog on this site, not before time, mind.

Get The best sound From Your PC or Mac

I would like to talk about my friend Paul Goodwin from Lithuania and Perkune Hifi cables; we have similar tastes when it comes to listening to Music he is a manufacture of some of the finest sounding Hifi cables on the planet , I was fortunate enough to purchase last week a connect for my laptop to my desktop speaker to get the best sound from your PC or Mac

Get The best sound From Your PC He was saying give it 24 hours bedding in time to get the full benefit, well what a massive difference I am getting instead of the cheap plastic cable and jack plugs I was using . Because I sit at my desk for hours and work I have to have a decent sound set up it makes me work better, are you like that! Play your favorite music while you work.

This cable is a 2 meter length with metal jack plugs shielded , the sound coming out my small 15w Minirig speaker is astonishing, I mean it was excellent before, now it`s like how the hell do you get a sound so good coming out such a small cylindrical space well this cable as put it into the stratosphere.

I can`t speak highly enough of this hearing is believing you want to go take a look what he offers on his website.

I have been a Hifi enthusiast since the seventies and had some decent gear over that time, there is so much talk about buying decent gear it`s no wonder that some people find it hard to know what`s the best for their budget, if you care to have a look around this site you may find something of interest.

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