Desk Stand For Laptop Computer

Desk Stand For Laptop Computer

Desk Stand For Laptop Computer

Back neck and other pain are some of the problems you get with working on your computer at your desk especially if you are like me spending hours there. You need a Desk Stand For your Laptop Computer.

For over a year I was getting this bad neck pain because my head is tilting downwards all the time writing, are you like that?

If you do this for a living or even a few hours a day you are setting yourself up for trouble down the track, it`s so vital to be in a comfortable position especially sitting for any length of time.
It seems now it`s a massive problem with today’s workforce.

Working continuous

Laptops are essential in today’s working life if you spend a very long time working on them whether in the home/office or on the go, but eventually, there will be a time from bad posture you are going to get postural strain from repetitive movements, which can lead to spinal alignment injuries and muscle spasm which can be extremely painful.

I did something about it, I searched for the ideal laptop stand that I could work at home and take with me on my travels a good sturdy portable stand that would live up to its name and stop this chronic neck ache.

Well I bought this stand and 1 year on I have very little neck ache now,

The Laptop stand is a Defianz desk stand with cooling fan, it takes most sizes of computers

Ergonomic writing position

So what it`s doing is giving you an ergonomic writing position, which gives you eye-level viewing, and is exactly what you need. It comes with an 8-inch silent fan to cool it, and 4    Desk Stand For Laptop ComputerUSB ports built into the right-hand side, which comes in very handy.

So what I found was an excellent laptop stand that can be used every day with a separate keyboard and mouse to have it eye level which gives you an ergonomic and comfortable writing position to prevent hunched over the screen which is the cause from chronic neck and back strain. That is probably why they are getting popular.

What I like about this stand is the lightness, it`s sturdy and the height adjustments plus the USB ports, all very convenient, you plug in the lead from the stand into one of your USB slots in your laptop then presto you have a silent fan keeping it cool and the use of 4 USB slots.

I use a Logitech portable keyboard a lot too with it for convenience.

When you are away or traveling the stand folds flat so it will fit neatly in your laptop case and when you want to use it again it lifts into position in seconds.

Pro`sDesk Stand For Laptop Computer
Strong and Sturdy
Light in weight
Good positioning

Fan can get a bit dirty if not watched
When new a bit stiff to open

To Sum up

For me, this stand as been a godsend from where I was this time last year to now as been perfect, my problems have eased up and I have a better posture.

They come in 2 colours White and Black

Here is an interesting video on the dangers of sitting too much.


You can see for yourself here.


2 Replies to “Desk Stand For Laptop Computer”

  1. Hi Lou, never knew you had laptop devices to create a sit-stand desk. My husband created an angled desk for me, so I can shift around with my laptop from a standing to a sitting position, but this looks very handy to me too:) Thanks for this article. I am still free from neck and back pains, and I want to keep it that way.
    Kind regards Loes

    • Hi Loes,

      Yes great stand, It also depends how tall you are but this stand will go nearly vertical with your laptop on, that is about 20 inches from desk to the top of laptop. well worth the money to give you free neck and back ache.


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