Cambridge Audio All In One Wireless System

Cambridge Audio All In One Wireless System


1968 Cambridge Audio was born, they have always been that way inclined that music should sound absolutely amazing.With the Cambridge Audio All in One Wireless System,
Their goal was to entertain the crowd who wanted their music explosive and experience every emotion and passion that they could muster

The release of their Cambridge Air 100 all in one wireless system, and Bluetooth internet radio with airplay connectivity.

Cambridge Audio All In One Wireless System

The design quality of the speaker is quite impressive, very sturdy with good build to reduce vibration,

The back of the unit there is a lot of inputs, MP3 player RCA analogue inputs for hooking up to a TV or Blu-ray player, 3.5 for your iPod ethernet port, 3.5 for this was quite unusual on an all-in-one speaker set up, a nice addition.

Wireless set up

Cambridge Audio purposely went for wireless set up for the Air 100 so people of different appliances had the same set-up process.

On the back panel When the LED is flashing orange and green it`s ready to connect, it will broadcast its own wireless network, you will need to connect to it. enter the IP address given in the instructions then the setup page will appear, then just put in your details, As soon as you have done that you will be able to access the internet`s global radio stations and play your music with Airplay from all Apple devices connected to the same network.

Bluetooth users will have to press the pairing button on the top and connect the usual way, both ways free of glitches.

Cambridge Audio Sound        

The Minx Air 100 has two 10 cm [BMR] Balanced Mode Radiator technology which aim to get a larger, room-filling sound than other traditional drivers.

Balanced Mode Radiator technology?

BMRT or Balanced Mode Radiator, it provides both dimensions, a driver technology, splitting the treble and mid ranges, like in traditional speakers, it contributes a full  sound from the one driver. providing a quantity of bass.

And it works, huge sound from a small speaker, very powerful coming out of such a small compact box is pleasurable, with powerful, strong and rhythmically accurate notes.

You can select what bass you want from the bass dial on the back. great Sound quality is persistent over Bluetooth and Airplay,

Internet radio

You can even filter your search for new programs by the quality of the bit rate they broadcast at.

Cambridge Audio All In One Wireless System Pro`s
Large sound
strong bass
Good connectivity
Internet Radio
Good detail

Sound could be a bit more layered out
The voices sound a bit soft
Price $399


The list of streaming features is still its biggest attraction.
It`s  threat comes from the Minx air 200 which delivers a much more powerful, and thrilling sound. It is certainly worth the extra $100.


Cambridge Audio Minx Air 200

Yes, Folks, that`s 200 watts of power

With the latest technology, the wireless speaker lets you stream music from your iPhone, tablet or computer while relaxing in your armchair.

white and Black Bluetooth Speaker with AirPlay Minx Air 200 wireless music system.

Cambridge Audio delivers exceptional quality. With a powerful amplifier with a built-in subwoofer, it`s ground shaking Earth quaking sound, It knocked me out fantastic.

Bluetooth, wireless streaming technology, get music from thousands of internet radio stations with the push of a button. You can control everything including bass, volume, and EQ with an iPhone, Smartphone app for Android and Apple.

Minx Air App Free . Airplay plus Bluetooth integrated. Stream music from thousands internet radio stations.

Design                                                                                                                                                      Cambridge Audio All In One Wireless System

The ‘200’ in the name indicates the increased power output of amplification 200W it drives balanced mode radiator technology drivers   2 – 6cm and a 16.5cm subwoofer hidden inside that white and grey casing.

Sturdy build quality, superior finish, quite heavy, it looks and feels quality, it`s got larger dimensions than the 100 [45 x 22 x 7.4cm] but great looks I reckon in any room.


Bluetooth, Internet radio, Airplay, It’s rare find for both Airplay and Bluetooth in the same unit manufacturers like one or the other. if your Smartphone or tablet is Android, It doesn’t matter or Apple iOS or Windows!

They’re all compatible with the Minx Air 200 iT`S The same for laptops or desktop all you need is a home network connection and you’ll be streaming all the way to the moon.

Good connectivity, so you can hard-wire a TV or any MP3 player, iPod etc. Cambridge Audio hasn’t shaken off its analogue origins, there are RCA analogue inputs, a 3.5mm input There’s an Ethernet port for wired network connection. it’s one of the most extensively detailed featured systems in its class.

Set up

Setting up the Airplay and internet radio requires you to connect to the Air 200’s own wireless network! type the IP address supplied into your web browser it will open up to the setup page! now select your own home network, put in the password, and there you have it, now stream music from any Apple appliance to the 200.


I was impressed with the sound coming from the 100, but the 200 blew me away.

When you hear this you immediately think wow the velocity of sound coming out of this speaker. The sound is massive and so much bigger and more breathtaking than found with the 100.

The 100 a bit anxious at the top end when pushed came to shove, but with the 200 your laughing made my eyes water. The 200 pushes you to crank up the volume and blow the roof off.

Doesn`t matter what you’re using it sounds amazingly vibrant and open when it`s operating at high levels it has the ability to bring out the dynamics and tone of detail.

Moving between AirPlay and Bluetooth when streaming music, I found the sound quality the same, whichever wireless option.

After listening to both, I prefer the sound of the 200 over the smaller 100. There’s much more detail, vitality, and engagement I would definitely pay the extra $100, the Minx Air 200 is worth every cent.

Remote control

Have you noticed remote control handsets are getting smaller by the minute with wireless systems! I suppose there is a method in it as you’re more likely use your iPhone for the main control.

if you use your iPhone You will have to use the remote’s volume controls if you’re streaming from a laptop. App/ Internet radio etc.

There’s a free Minx Air app that’s useful with the internet radio feature on the 200. The app also shows which source you’re currently using, allows you to pause playback, change volume, and also play around with bass levels and equalizer settings.

The app it’s good for internet radio, when it comes playing music via Bluetooth or AirPlay, the iPhone’s own music controls are much more receptive and instinctive, and you have greater control over your music you play.


Quality build
Massive detail powerful sound                                Cambridge Audio All In One Wireless System
Streaming features and connectivity
A sense of scale and openness


The remote not that good.

Price $499


Very impressed what the 200 can do. The Minx Air 100 was very good! the 200 is much better. Its offer of both Bluetooth and AirPlay will attract a lot of customers, but it’s this amazing dynamic sound and powerful speaker the Minx Air 200 that makes this a remarkable option in the Internet radio world.

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