Bose Sound Link Review

Bose Sound Link Review

Bose Sound Link Review
Bose Sound Link Review. These Bose sound link are very light headphones about 195g so when worn they are very comfortable, with nice padding and very soft ear pieces
When you plug these in you are pleasantly surprised, not overpowering bass nice and deep blends in well with the vocals, good for all types of sounds,


Charging is done with the supplied USB, no charger.

The good thing with these a quick charge say for 15 minutes and you will have a couple of hours battery time.

Powerful and crystal clear, excellent feature, when a call comes through you can switch between TV or music and phone calls with the Triport technology.

SoundLink gives you that in the middle of the music feeling, makes your hairs on your back of your neck stand up.

Connect up to your iPhone or Android

With the very latest technology, Bluetooth will connect your iPhones, androids mobile devices and if you’re watching a film say on your iPad and you get a call on your iPhone it automatically pauses the film so you can answer the call and resumes when you have finished, great stuff.

Video Review

Operating Range Up to 30 feet 10 Meters

The sound quality of these Bose Sound link is refined and articulate, with heavy or light music.

These will be good for TV, Music and on the go, an all round nice pair of headphones.

No Docking Charging Station/Receiver/Transmitter with Bluetooth, USB In.

Extremely light to wear                                                      
Good overall quality

Bit expensive

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