Arcam FMJ A19 Amplifier

Arcam FMJA19 Amplifier


Arcam FMJ A19 amplifier

Arcam FMJ A19 Amplifier is one of the best sounding amplifiers in its class. but of course with Arcam, the quality of the sound doesn’t suddenly grab you by the throat, but it offers a smooth, sophisticated sound that’s well matched to most types of music and gives an accurate awareness into the soul of the sound.

A powerfully built, toroidal power transformer supplies a gorgeous commanding sound that’s appropriate for a large range of speakers. The newly designed circuitry features listener quality components, low distortion, for low noise sound that’s lush in detail

The A19 has inner parts and performances usually located in Arcam’s top of the range products. The amplifier’s design and presentation as been polished and refined to an exquisite degree. The power section of the A19 is designed to be able to give 2 of Arcam’s r-Series products.

This allows it to become a digital hub for upgrades that includes both wireless Bluetooth® devices and USB sources.
The sound is very detailed and matched with Monitor Audio speakers. Simply and by far the absolute best sound for the money, they have brought the richest high-end technology to the affordable audiophile experience.


If you use a turntable, then you’re in for a thrill the continued popularity of vinyl has led Arcam to equip it with moving magnet (MM) phono stage it`s a high-quality piece of equipment in its own right. Unlike many basic phono stages that are simply there to make up the specifications, it`s being thoroughly developed to provide low noise and high levels of smoothness that allows the music enthusiast to enjoy their vinyl collection.


The headphone output similar to the phono stage, the headphone output has been meticulously developed for exceptional sound quality in its own right. Unless you own a very expensive pair of headphones, this output is quality enough without a separate headphone amp, it`s crisp, concise and low in background noise, listening through headphones is great.

high-performance headphones as got a lot more popular, so a bit effort has been made to improve the headphone part of the amplifiers that move them. it addresses this by retaining a new circuit that can give a level of sound quality that will thrill.


Though this is Arcam’s budget FMJ model, it still comes completely equipped. An accessory socket at the rear offers a superior quality power supply to the r-link or r-Blink accessories. next to the phono stage there are line inputs a pre-output and recording output for adding a larger power amplifier at another time.

If you don’t have a turntable, then the phono input can easily be switched to a line level input. On the front panel, aux-in next to the headphone socket, perfect for connecting an MP3 player or iPod iPhone.

Finally, the remote control will adjust the volume and balance and also selects display brightness options, and of course, to switch it off altogether.


With its gorgeous style and simple control layout, it`s a classic design that looks good just on its own FMJ means Full Metal Jacket and gives the A19 a sturdy quality, The resonance-damping chassis helps to resists vibrations and cutting out electrical interference.

Arcam FMJ A19 amplifier

The story began, a small business between two Cambridge engineering students in 1976, eventually grew into one of the world’s most prominent Hi-Fi manufacturers in the world, to this day is still situated in its hometown. passionate and meticulous designers of brilliant Hi-Fi, and their love of music.

Crowned what-hi-fi of the year the FMJ amplifier.

One thing that all these products have in common is their power supply, size, and shape can vary, their use of Toroidal transformers running at the heart of their machines.

The A19 is no different, with up 50 watts per channel into 8 ohms, and 90 watts into 4 ohms, offering a solid grip to its connected speakers, keeping the low amount of noise and distortion generated by its output in line.

When I get to the connectivity side of things, it really shows its creativity, next to its 6 line level inputs, like CD, Tuner, and Aux, we find inputs marked for PVR, Blu-Ray, Satellite boxes. all of these inputs are theoretically the same, the input voltage is identical across all, but it’s a helpful touch and makes it easier for the amp to find a nice home, not just for the knowledgeable but the whole family.

The Phono input is the clever bit, with a standard Moving Magnet input for a turntable, also switchable through the menu system, if you’ve packed away all your records, you have another input for a standard piece of equipment. also, there is 3.5mm input on the front, next to the headphone output socket. With the exception of a digital input which can be added in an indirect way by adding one of their own DACs.


Arcam FMJ A19 amplifier 50 Watts per 2 stereo channels.
6 Analog inputs with single MM Phono input.
Reference level sound quality,
Harmonic Distortion 0.003% 8Ω at 1kHz.
2-year manufacturer warranty

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