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Hi, This is the first time I have actually written about my Hobby, not just Hifi but music in general, it`s being my No 1 thing since I was at school back in the sixties

I started this Blog/website since being retired an wanted do something online and maybe give some advice on Stereo and talk in general about anything really.

I  think nowadays anybody who wants to talk and write about what they can do and put it out and share it with anybody who will listen, I think it`s marvelous that we can do this, and nobody need`s to be lonely anymore with the big 3 WWW.

I have been interested in and collected HiFi for years, and the reason I made this site was to share my experiences and hopefully give a few tips on what to buy.

I am a fanatic about good excellent sound, thinking back now I would have liked to have been a sound man, I suppose I could still do a course, I will put it in my things to do file.

Some of my first HiFi was Celestion Ditton 15 speakers, from the seventy’s I had 2 pairs of them, Sanyo amp, Technics cassette player, Technics turntables, Bose 401 which I still have, Denon CD players, Denon surround amp, Kev KHT 2005.3 -5.1 Speakers, plus plenty of other stuff over the years.

I do a lot of research on Hifi products,
Now Internet radios, and wireless speakers etc, 

If you are like me and you want to know about HiFi today, what`s a good buy, I am more than willing to give you some advice. come on here and leave your details.

Just to recap, I have been here now over 6 months and updated my website with Wireless headphones, excellent brands from Bluetooth To Radio Frequency and Infrared.



PS  Anybody reading this, thinking yes, I would like to do something about my hobby, but has got no idea how to go about it, why don`t you have a look at my other site and find out how I got Started in building a website and enjoying the experience.




4 Replies to “About Lou”

  1. Hello Lou,

    I love what you did with your front page and how you added the G+ and FB
    buttons. Looks really professional and this is great so I could easily visit your
    pages and this is now so easy

    Great job and thank you

    best regards


    • Hi Paul,

      Thanks for your comment, yes I am always seeking out the latest hi-fi anything that gets four or five stars I have to know about.



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